Greyabbey graveyard, Down

New photos - Sep. 2004
Many of these taken in deep shade, where the wall and trees overhang, so the photos are not good.

Farrell J
Farrell L
Farrell A
Fisher C
Fisher Ch
Gallaway P
Galloway S
Gaw Jas
Gaw G
Gaw Thos
Gaw Jas
Girvan J
Glover W
Hamilton H
Hamilton S
Hanvy C
Hanvy E
Harrison W
Huston M
Jamison S
Lowden E
Lowry R
Matthews E
McCance C
McCance W
McClean Jas
McConkey E
McCormick A
McCormick J
McCormick M
McCormick Wm
McCormick P
McCullough Jane
McDermott J
McCullough S
McHary J
McKeag E
McKeag P

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